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The 2020 year marks the 50th anniversary of commercial relations between ITALY and CHINA, progressively grown over the years, reaching in 2019 a 6.5% growth compared to the previous year.

The Government and Diplomatic institutions have planned events and activities that will facilitate the consolidation between the two countries and favour their development and growth.

your purchasing office in china


The idea is very simple. You will take advantage of our experience and facilities, to virtually open your own international trading business in China.

The support of our Italian product managers and Chinese merchandisers, the search for the best manufacturer, the verification of compliance with ethical standards, the quality / price ratio, the quality control, the supply chain management, the search for certifications are among the services that will be available to our franchisees. You will have our management system at your disposal, to gather information on thousands of items, make offers to your customers, select the references to propose, determine the margin and thus determine your profit.

What we offer

China-Wi offers you the opportunity to become an expert in international trading, with particular reference to China, in a few months, just by making available to you our 20 years of experience, our resources and our facilities.

  • Market leading brand
  • Long-time experience
  • Use of a reserved area in our management system to gather information on thousands of products, check the prices and the minimum order quantities, and generate your offers, deciding the selling price and thus your earnings
  • Support from our product managers in your negotiations
  • Support of our Chinese merchandisers in the various trade fairs in China
  • Availability of the offices in Rome and Shanghai to organize meetings with your clients
  • A training period with our internal staff in the Rome or Shanghai offices
  • National exclusive rights on your customers
  • Internal quality control with reports, pictures and videos to present to your customers

The Franchisee

The franchisee's activity consists in looking for potential customers in their area who may be interested in products already dealt by China-Wi group.

The same product can be customized and branded by new customers. The franchisees will also manage contacts in their area: their customers, as well as those he will receive through our institutional channels or by other partners. The franchisees will be able to use the China-Wi facilities as an integration of their national purchasing office.
  • Residence in the area of ​​competence
  • Well presented and general knowledge
  • Commercial competence
  • Respect for the agreed objectives
  • Compliance with the Group’s policies
  • Entrance fee: € 14,500
  • Royalty: none
  • Availability of Rome and Shanghai offices – Daily fee: max € 200
  • Research for new categories or special products: max euro 500
  • Research for new categories or special products: max euro 500

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