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Supply Chain

With our business we are present in most countries in Asia, including China, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Operiamo a stretto contatto con i nostri clienti per poter comprendere al meglio ciò di cui hanno realmente bisogno al fine di poter rispondere con efficacia alle loro richieste, creando, sin da subito, un rapporto di cooperazione vantaggioso ed esclusivo. Personalizziamo tutti i servizi produttivi e distributivi sulle esigenze del nostro cliente per facilitare il successo del brand e della catena distributiva.

Our services


New ideas are the heart
delle nostre of our daily activities.

New ideas are the heart of our daily activities. We create new graphic solutions, explore new possibilities, and propose alternative solutions for original packaging and displays. Thus, CHINA-WI is one of the Asian companies most projected towards the exploration of new possibilities.


Collaboration and cooperation
sare two keywords for

Our staff are constantly looking for the best solution to meet the expectations of our customers. Our research activity ranges throughout Far East Asia, working with more than 1,000 suppliers to find the most suitable production partner and provide our customers with the best solution in terms of quality and price.


The satisfaction of our customers
is our primary aim

The extreme flexibility of our structure and the unconditional commitment that we pour day after day into the development of each product, lead us to respond effectively to the requests of our business partners, creating for them customised and valid alternatives.


Customized logistics solutions
and constant support

We support our customers from the beginning to the end of the production flow, until the delivery of the goods. Our logistics department organizes all shipments from different ports of departure distributed throughout Asia. We analyse the various possibilities to offer, if needed, the best solution in terms of transport.

Internal quality control

For China Wi, the quality control activity on production has a fundamental importance, it is the most exclusive of our services, one of the company's flagship activities.

This service is structured through a dual level of Merchandiser-Customer control. It represents only the last step of the planning process, which begins when the production site has been identified. When the customer confirms an order, they set the production timing with the assigned Merchandiser. They exchange information during the whole process, up to the approval of the final sample and the packaging. The order will only be concretely carried out after all the details have been approved by the customer. Each Merchandiser will carry out the quality control on their assigned orders, eventually providing the customer with a report filled up with photos of all the sensitive information of the product, in order to guarantee the compliance of all the steps of the production.

Supply Chain

A complete service in which the customer will not need to worry about anything and is informed during every step. From the product request, the China Wi team support the customer in defining the requirements and details, manages and supervises the entire production process, transport and customs operations.


Incoterms are conditions used in international trade, which indicate the responsibilities that are attributed to the two parties of the transaction (seller, buyer). When importing from Asia, the term FOB by Sea is generally preferred.

Certification Bodies

Over the years, our company has established important partnership relations with the major international certification bodies. Thus, we can guarantee an exclusive quality control service on each product, in accordance with the required documents and certifications of the countries of acquisition.

This same process is employed on each product and provides our customers with an inestimable added value, ensuring the compliance of the products with the current regulations. We work in the interest of our business partners: we carry out quality tests to reduce the risks related to the quality and safety of the product and its material.

Le nostre certificazioni

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Supply Chain

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